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8 to Great: Starting from Where We Are

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1.) Research has shown that the 4-letter word that the most successful have in common is:
2.) Emotions come from:
3.) In order to be successful, I need to:
4.) Right now, who is in charge of your life?
5.) Positive attitude:
6.) Most people give up:
7.) The best way to be a good friend is to:
8.) Which of the following is true?
9.) When someone comes to you with a story about another person you should:
10.) The Road to Success usually looks like:
11.) Successful people make ___________ mistakes as unsuccessful people:
12.) The FGH formula for Positive Attitude stands for:
13.) Mad and ______ are two sides of the same coin. We always feel them together.
14.) The root cause of anger is almost always a feeling of being:
15.) A “real risk” is always one where:
16.) Who is the biggest problem in XYZ (3rd party) communication?
17.) No one has ever met a grateful person who was:
18.) I can be __________ and still have a positive attitude:
19.) When you feel good:
20.) When it comes to asking for what you want:
21.) Full Responsibility means:
22.) A good question to ask when making a decision is:
23.) If you want to feel better, it’s important to:
24.) Every adversity makes us:
25.) A belief is...
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