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The 8 to Great® Curriculum Gives Students the Skills They Need to Succeed Academically, Athletically and Socially

8 to Great® Success Curriculum for Education

Keynotes, inservices and assemblies

Keynotes, Inservices and Assemblies

A former educator herself, MK Mueller will provide your administrators, principals, teachers and students with the ultimate success process through an entertaining, informative and powerful presentation.

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If you’re an administrator looking for a success curriculum that is as flexible and easy to use as it is impactful on students’ lives, the 8 to Great® curriculum is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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This 25-question inventory has been used by hundreds of middle and high schools as a pre and post test for 8 to Great®. Staff and students go from an average of 40% correct to 90% after just 8 class sessions using the curriculum. Take the test yourself here.

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Training for Managers and Executives

Training for Educators

Join the more than 1,500 educators, parents, counselors and coaches across the country who have been empowered to greater success and bolder leadership through the 8 to Great® certification training.

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Browse the answers to other educators’ frequently asked questions about MK Mueller’s 8 to Great® success curriculum.

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Success Stories

Educators, parents and students are raving about MK Mueller and the 8 to Great® Process. Don’t take our word for it—check out their comments!

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Keynotes and Seminars


Find out more about our 8 to Great® PowerProTM (Master Trainers) and Certified PowerProTM trainers who are ready to speak at your educators’ conference or school today.

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Find out more about the 8 to Great® success curriculum or how we can help your students—contact 8 to Great directly at (828) 242-9033 to discuss your needs.