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The Most Effective Character Education Process in the Country Just Became Easier to Teach

Check Out the Full 8 to Great Curriculum for Grades 3 – 12!

8 to Great Curriculum
If you’re an administrator looking for a program that is as flexible and easy to use as it is impactful on students’ lives, the 8 to Great success curriculum is your best news yet! Across the country, 8 to Great has shown:

  • 60-90% decrease in students’ failing grades
  • 70-80% decrease in office referrals and fights
  • 50-80% decrease in absenteeism on 8 to Great class days
  • 85-100% student buy-in and recommendation


Review the full 8 to Great process components below. You may use it as a full course, an advisory component, a methodology in a required course, or as a faculty inservice.

Grades 3-5

The 8 Fly-Ways for the superhero in you.

Grades 6-12

Level 1 – IRON: Introduction to Basics (60 activities)

  • Student Title/Slogan: “Imaginate”
  • Film: Pursuit of Happyness
  • Focus: Introduction of 8 to Great vocabulary. Deals with basic communication skills, decision-making formula, bullying prevention, goals vs. dreams, gratitude ritual
  • Sample Activities: Potato-Straw, Run to Not From, Risk-It Basket, Challenge Chair, Forgiveness Letters, Ending the X-Y-Z Game, Creation of Dream/Vision Cards.

Level 2 – STEEL: Self-Awareness (60 activities)

  • Student Title/Slogan: “Stand Strong”
  • Film: Rudy
  • Focus: Deeper understanding of the 8 High-Ways for daily personal use: Risk-Taking Profile, Responsibility Check-In, Healing rage and depression, Forgiveness Assessment
  • Sample Activities: 4 Steps for Asking for What You Want, Feelings Power Ladder, Who Do You Think You Are, Think Out of the Box, Creation of Vision Calendars/Boards

Level 3 – BRONZE: Building Social Skills (60 activities)

  • Student Title/Slogan: “Bring It On”
  • Film: Freedom Writers
  • Focus: Application to social skills, preparing them for service in the school and community. Interviewing Skills, Should to Could, Creation of Vision Videos
  • Sample Activities: Sensational Stories, The Un-Cover Up, Assertiveness Survey, The 4 Communication Styles, The 6 Key Phrases, Apologies and Amends, Gratitude Booklets, Trustleans, Mirror Mirror, How to Disagree without Disconnecting, Listening to Feelings without Fixing, My Emotional Bank Account

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