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MK Mueller Will Provide Your Educators and Students with a Proven and Powerful Success Curriculum

8 to Great Gives Educators the Tools They Need to Improve Test Scores and Students the Skills They Need to Achieve Success

What would joining more than 100 other schools who are using the most comprehensive and effective character education program in the country mean for your school? Through her powerful 8 to Great success curriculum for positive change, creator and author MK Mueller has helped thousands of educators and students hope, believe and achieve greatness … and she can do it for your school.

MK’s entertaining, informative and inspirational presentations help educators and students discover:

  • A powerful process for getting in touch with goals and dreams
  • A guaranteed positive attitude formula that is simple to live and teach
  • A decision-making formula to help make the right decisions every time
  • A one-minute process for using imagination to achieve goals and dreams
  • A forgiveness formula for releasing past hurts and mistakes
  • A communication skill that breaks through negative patterns such as defensiveness
  • A process for dealing with strong emotions such as depression and rage
  • A one-minute gratitude exercise that helps every day start out right

Keynotes and Inservices

Student Assemblies

What People Are Saying

MK, did I ever tell you how much easier my job has been since we first met? I remember you coming to our school for the first time in 2010 and wondering what our students might do to make our school look bad. Now, I can’t wait to see what our students will do to welcome our guests. Thank you for making such a wonderful difference in the world.”

– Jeff Heimes
Principal, Battle Creek Public Schools

MK Mueller’s 8 to Great process was exactly what we needed. MK worked with our faculty, board of education, and administrative team. Her workshop had a huge impact on changing our interpersonal relationships, our attitudes, and the overall climate of our district. We are blessed to have had her skills and guidance.”

– Dr. Candace Conradt, Superintendent
Central City Schools, NE

MK Mueller is an outstanding motivational speaker. I personally have heard her presentation four times, including as keynote at the Kansas School Board Association annual meeting, and each time they made a positive impact on my life. I have brought MK in to speak at two different school districts. Her 8 High-Ways in the 8 to Great program are an absolute must if you’re wanting to change the climate and attitude of your district or business. I’ve already had community members and teachers ask if I was bringing her back for more. You will definitely feel GRATITUDE after her presentation and will look at things in a much more positive way. MK, thanks for what you do and how you do it. You are awesome!”

– Mike Roth, Superintendent
Clearwater, KS

I cannot say enough positive things about the 8 to Great training recently held at our high school. All of the staff members were inspired and are extremely excited to implement this into our curriculum this school year!”

– Justin Bouse, Dean of Student
Okoboji Public Schools, IA

My daughter was having a lot of challenges. She admitted that after hearing MK she did a 180. We had a recent wonderful discussion and she’s now heading in the right direction. Thank you for helping us pick her up again and bring her closer to her empowered self.

– Laura Johnson, Parent

It’s so hard to think how different my life would be if MK hadn’t spoken to us. It really changed my life! I immediately began reading her book and couldn’t stop! I finished it in two days. I even gave it to my parents to read and have suggested it to many other people! By going through the High-Ways and the steps it has even brought our volleyball team together. We are playing much better together and are doing great! Thanks for giving us your time and hope.

– Kary Schmitz, Junior in High School
Bolivar, MO

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Partial Client List:

Client List

  • Adams Central HS, Hastings, NE
  • Boone County, Albion, NE
  • Alliance HS, Alliance, NE
  • Archbishop Bergan HS, Fremont, NE
  • Bangor Middle School, Bangor, MI
  • Banner County HS, NE
  • Barstow Middle School, Overland Park, KS
  • Battle Creek Middle and HS, NE
  • Bolivar HS, MO
  • Bryan Alternative HS, NE
  • Caldwell MS and HS, Caldwell KS
  • Central City MS and HS, Central City, NE
  • Climax Springs HS, Climax Springs, MO
  • Crescent HS, Crescent, OK
  • Garden County HS, Oshkosh, NE
  • Graettinger-Terril HS, Graetinger, IA
  • Humboldt High School, Humboldt, IA
  • Kaplan University, Lincoln, NE
  • Keystone Learning Center, KS
  • Kingsley-Pierson HS, Kinsley, IA
  • Kinsley-Offerle HS, Kinsley, KS
  • Lincoln High, Lincoln, NE
  • Madison Sr. HS, Madison, NE
  • Newell-Fonda HS, Fonda, IA
  • Norfolk SR HS, Norfolk, NE
  • Okoboji HS, IA
  • O’Neill HS, O’Neill, NE
  • Palmyra HS, Palmyra, NE
  • Paola HS, Paola KS
  • Sioux City North HS, Sioux City, IA
  • Spearfish HS, Spearfish, SD
  • Spearville HS, Spearville KS
  • St. Mary’s Grade School, Lincoln, NE
  • Upward Bound Program, Omaha, NE
  • Wakeeny HS, Wakeeny, KS
  • West Boyd HS, West Boyd, NE
  • West Point Central Catholic, West Point, NE
Find out more about the 8 to Great success curriculum or how you can bring MK Mueller into your school—contact 8 to Great directly at (828) 242-9033 to discuss your needs.