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Educators, Parents and Students are Raving About MK Mueller’s 8 to Great Process!

Case Studies

  • Battle Creek MS reported 90% fewer office referrals their first year.
  • Sioux City North HS had 60% fewer F’s their first year.
  • Pierce HS recorded over 50% fewer detentions and suspensions.
  • Jesse at D.J. Gross HS stopped fighting…for good.
  • Allie, a senior from Kearney, took eight strokes off her competitive golf score in 48 hours.
  • Mike, a junior from Omaha, took two full seconds off his competitive swim time in 24 hours.
  • Chelsea, a junior from Oklahoma, decided to apply for MIT after all…and got in.

Superintendent Testimonials

8 to Great needs to be in the hands of every classroom teacher in the U.S. It’s that powerful.”

– Mike Davis, Superintendent
Anselmo Merna School District

One of the goals was to assist ninth graders as they transitioned to the high school. We had a program that was not really meeting our needs. After listening to MK Mueller talk about 8 to Great, we incorporated it as part of our ninth grade curriculum for transitioning. The program has really helped solidify what we do with ninth graders. It helps students see the big picture and set attainable goals.”

– Pat Nauroth, Superintendent
South Sioux City Public Schools

8 to Great is a phenomenal program full of practical skills. I watched students make decisions differently and set higher goals. I believe it is the missing piece in American education today.

– Steve Shiever, Superintendent
Crescent Schools

MK Mueller’s 8 to Great process was exactly what we needed. MK worked with Central City’s faculty, board of education, and administrative team which had a huge impact on changing our relationship, attitude, and the climate of our district. We are blessed to have had MK work with us.”

– Dr. Candace Conradt, Superintendent
Central City Schools

MK Mueller is an outstanding motivational speaker. I personally have heard her presentation four times, including as keynote at the Kansas School Board Association annual meeting, and each time they made a positive impact on my life. I have brought MK in to speak at two different school districts and her 8 High-Ways in the 8 to Great program are an absolute must if you are wanting to change the climate and attitude of your district or business. I’ve already had community members and teachers ask if I was bringing her back for more. You will definitely feel GRATITUDE after her presentation and will look at things in a much more positive way. MK, thanks for what you do and how you do it. You are awesome!”

– Mike Roth, Superintendent
Clearwater, KS

Principal Testimonials

Wow, MK! What an impact you had on our students! As an example, I have Cesar in my office right now. He says: “Thank you for inspiring me with those words of greatness. You have helped me realize that I can pull through any obstacles that get in my way. Now I know that even in the toughest of times you can pick yourself right up again.’ MK, I have never heard a middle school student speak with the enthusiasm and resolve that this young man just expressed to me. He is on fire and he is going to make things happen. I can’t wait to see how much he improves. Thanks for all you do.”

– Jim Greydanus, Principal
Bangor Middle School, Bangor, MI

The 8 to Great program has made a tremendous difference in the decision-making skills of our students. We have seen students improve their grades, take new risks to achieve their dreams and find new ways to resolve conflicts as a part of this program. We want all of our students to experience the benefits of 8 to Great.”

– Dave Collins, Principal
Bryan High School

I cannot say enough positive things about the 8 to Great training recently held at our high school. All of the staff members were inspired and are extremely excited to implement this into our curriculum this school year!”

– Justin Bouse, Dean of Students
Okoboji, IA

MK, the faculty is still on fire over your presentation and many have thanked me for having you come share. I believe you need to get this in schools across the country. I can see it being a good fit and a great motivator for any staff.”

– Dr. Michael Sullivan, Principal
Lenexa, KS

Thank you for coming and addressing my staff. You have made us believers! I must tell you, in all my years as principal, I have never seen a better success skills program.”

– Suzan Moran, Principal of an Alternative School
Omaha, NE

No program can match 8 to Great for its relevance, flexibility, and follow-up support.”

– Jim Greydanus, Principal
Bangor Middle School, Bangor, MI

Teacher/Counselor Testimonials

A semester into the program, I have lots of students coming in after school to share ideas or to talk more about an 8 to Great activity we’ve completed. Last week we reviewed High-Way 2: Risk. Afterwards, I was presented with poems written by students, quotes found, even a little brother who can break dance (he’s five). It was so much fun that I shared all those things this week with the entire student body. That’s what I call a great week!!

– Rick Marez, Counselor
Gering High School

Two years ago was the first time Adams Central taught 8 to Great as part of the curriculum. I taught it to our 7th graders as a 9-week class. Those kids are now 9th graders and they have not been in my classroom since their 8 to Great class. Today they showed up for math class. The first thing they talked about was their Wall of Gratitude. They were so happy their Gratitude Wall had not been painted over. They then asked if they got to do 8 to Great this school year in Algebra class. My response: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Twila Knehans

The 8 to Great concepts have changed my daily outlook and life significantly, even more than attaining a master’s degree in counseling. I decided to get into high school counseling to help teens with their everyday problems and concerns. This program does that and more!

– Sue Walsh, Counselor
Bryan High School

Each time I come to training I learn more about the power of this 8 to Great program and about myself. I have come to realize that the brilliance of this program is its simplicity. When I meet the teachers coming to teach it, I am so grateful. Our children are in good hands.

– April Netley, Counselor
Sioux City North High School

I love, love, love this program. Before we had 8 to Great‘s amazing handouts, knowledge and resources, we were using a program that was very unorganized and we struggled to reach the students. Now we are all on the same page—consistent—and we are motivating the students in a powerful new light.”

– Danell Anderson, Teacher
South Sioux City High School

Parent Testimonials

I am writing to tell you that my son, a junior, came home from school yesterday and told me about a class he was taking called 8 to Great. He said the class is motivating him to reach his goals. I don’t know how the other students are responding, but I know of at least one person who has already benefited greatly from this remarkable program. I feel as a parent that this type of class is so important to our young people. Thank you for introducing this type of positive education to our children. I know that the seed that has been planted now will grow and produce strong, healthy and goal-oriented adults. Please consider making this class mandatory for all our students.”

– Lisa Giboo

My son, Martin Gonzalez, recently completed your Full Responsibility Program, 8 to Great. I wanted to write and tell you that I have noticed a great change in him. He is not only more interested in future, he has new coping skills that I can see him use to handle negativity. The program has helped him move the anger he has been feeling into action to change his life. I am so grateful and highly recommend this program for our school and other schools as well.”

– Beatriz Garcia

Thank you again for everything you’ve done for Ryan. We tried to get all sorts of help from school counselors, private practice counselors, psychiatrists, group therapy, etc. Ryan has also tried antidepressants, sleeping pills and using marijuana on a regular basis to overcome his depression. I was running out hope until I heard you speak in December 2007.

Now, thanks to 8 to Great, he has hope again. Since meeting you he has also had incredible success coaching 8th grade girls in basketball. Last winter he took a team that was 2-11 the year before to a 14-2 season, winning both the championship and two post season tournaments! I can’t remember seeing him this confident. We truly can’t thank you enough. Blessings!”

– Kelly Meyers

My daughter admitted that after hearing MK she did a 180. We had a recent wonderful discussion and she’s now heading in the right direction. Thank you for helping us pick her up again and bring her closer to her empowered self.

– Laura Johnson

One of the main deciding factors to moving my son to Innovations Academy was 8 to Great!

– Sondra Deutscher

Student Testimonials

8 to Great should be required for graduation from high school.”

– Damian, Alternative HS student

It’s so hard to think how different my life would be if MK hadn’t spoken to us. It really changed my life! I immediately began reading her book and couldn’t stop! I finished it in two days. I even gave it to my parents to read and have suggested it to many other people! By going through the High-Ways and the steps it has even brought our volleyball team together. We are playing much better together and are doing great! Thanks for giving us your time and hope.

– Kary Schmitz

I tried everything to stop fighting. I went to classes, took medications, you name it. It wasn’t until this program that I found out how to change.

– James Lawson

I am in the second semester of Leadership class. Before my second semester I was majorly in rage and depression. I used to cut, and I attempted suicide once. It all started to get better when I heard about the 8 to Great program and I felt sort of a spark in my head. Like a big engine turning on and giving me several awesome ideas.

That was when I used High-Way 1 and got the picture of what I wanted to do when I got older—be in a band as a guitarist and vocalist. I kept getting the picture and I didn’t seem to be making much progress but then we got on to Highway 2, that’s where I kicked off and started towards my goal. I started playing full albums of songs at a time from bands like Nirvana and Green Day. I felt amazing, but nothing felt more amazing than taking the risk and asking my friend, Levi, to be in his band. He accepted me and now we play together in a three-man band.

From High-Way 3 I also learned how to take full responsibility and how to feel all of my feelings, which really helped with my depression. Another great thing I have learned is Honest Communication; I was able to have full conversations with people and actually enjoy going out and talking to lots of people for once. I really do not know where my life would have been right now without the Leadership Class and the 8 To Great program, I really do not know. So, for this I just have 4 words to say to you. Thank you so much!”

– Brandon, 8th Grade Student

Before this program, college wasn’t even a dream. Now I know that I can and will be successful at it. Thank You!”

– Tiwanda Holmes

I’ve realized I’ve been trying to make other people happy instead of myself. Now I have the tools to change that.

– Zach Bronstein

Community Testimonials

Partial Client List

  • Adams Central HS, Hastings, NE
  • Boone County, Albion, NE
  • Alliance HS, Alliance, NE
  • Archbishop Bergan HS, Fremont, NE
  • Bangor Middle School, Bangor, MI
  • Banner County HS, NE
  • Barstow Middle School, Overland Park, KS
  • Battle Creek Middle and HS, NE
  • Bolivar HS, MO
  • Bryan Alternative HS, NE
  • Caldwell MS and HS, Caldwell KS
  • Central City MS and HS, Central City, NE
  • Climax Springs HS, Climax Springs, MO
  • Crescent HS, Crescent, OK
  • Garden County HS, Oshkosh, NE
  • Graettinger-Terril HS, Graetinger, IA
  • Humboldt High School, Humboldt, IA
  • Kaplan University, Lincoln, NE
  • Keystone Learning Center, KS
  • Kingsley-Pierson HS, Kinsley, IA
  • Kinsley-Offerle HS, Kinsley, KS
  • Lincoln High, Lincoln, NE
  • Madison Sr. HS, Madison, NE
  • Newell-Fonda HS, Fonda, IA
  • Norfolk SR HS, Norfolk, NE
  • Okoboji HS, IA
  • O’Neill HS, O’Neill, NE
  • Palmyra HS, Palmyra, NE
  • Paola HS, Paola KS
  • Sioux City North HS, Sioux City, IA
  • Spearfish HS, Spearfish, SD
  • Spearville HS, Spearville KS
  • St. Mary’s Grade School, Lincoln, NE
  • Upward Bound Program, Omaha, NE
  • Wakeeny HS, Wakeeny, KS
  • West Boyd HS, West Boyd, NE
  • West Point Central Catholic, West Point, NE
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