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8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change

301 Page Book or eBook

Introducing the world's most powerful Positive Attitude Formula that you can use to improve your relationships, your health, your wealth, and your life!

The power is in the process.

Everyone is looking for the right PROCESS—to lose weight, make more money, find true love and maintain a positive attitude no matter what. While most self-help texts only offer the ingredients for success, MK Mueller’s new book gives us the recipe:

  1. Get the Picture
  2. Risk
  3. Full Responsibility
  4. Feel All Your Feelings
  5. Honest Communication
  6. Forgiveness of the Past
  7. Gratitude for the Present
  8. Hope for the Future

Her 8 High-Ways are powerful and practical, you’ll find yourself not only using them, but sharing them with family and friends. Wherever you are in your life today, practicing the High-Ways of 8 to Great will take you where you want to go!

What People Are Saying:

MK Mueller offers people of all ages tools such as the world’s simplest (and therefore, most powerful) positive attitude formula at a time when they are more needed than ever.

– John Lenhoff

8 to Great offers a life-changing recipe for success that is full of easy to understand ingredients. With hundreds of “aha” insights, readers will be able to take MK Mueller’s processes and put them to work immediately.

– Bill Byrne
author of Habits of Wealth

In my view, this book puts MK Mueller in the history books as one of the revolutionary thinkers of our time.

– Avery Rose
horse trainer, Ocala, FL

I am a professional photographer whose primary work involves photographing conventions. In the course of my work over the past 20 years I have photographed approximately 30 meetings a year, each one with multiple keynotes ranging from Sports Legends to Political World Leaders. With that said, I have never seen anyone as dynamic and moving as MK Mueller! I was absolutely floored by her energy, stage presence and "common sense" intelligence. She had the entire audience delighting in her every word. We wanted her to go on for hours. Take my word - there is no better speaker than MK Mueller!"

– Eric Hoffman

...Over the years I've read and listened to many of the authors that you quote in this book -- Ziglar, Robbins, Dyer, Waitley, Hill, Canfield, and on and on--and finally, now, I have something that I can actually use... something that will let me practice these concepts daily to hone them into a newer ME. God bless you, MK!”

– Wm A. Brown

Reading 8 to Great helped me realize what I want out of life and that I'm in control of getting it! In the past year I've gone from blaming others to being grateful every single day. I am a better teacher, stronger basketball coach and more caring parent thanks to the 8 High-Ways.”

– Jeff Hofeldt
head basketball coach and math teacher

The world’s most practical text on the seemingly impractical topic of joy.

– Barbara Shousha

I finished 8 to Great this morning at 7:30, stood in front of my large bathroom mirror, and hummed some rock & roll song as I danced happily. Then I kissed the book--with a great big smackaroo.”

– Bob Bosco
Ph.D., art professor, Creighton University

8 to Great is a fantastic inspiration from the author’s heart and soul. I absolutely love the insights. Don’t miss out!

– JoAnn Hurd

Absolutely magnetizing.

– Alisha Boyd
College Student

8 to Great is powerful from cover to cover. MK Mueller has turned ancient wisdom into modern day tools in one of the most original presentations I have ever read."

– Mike Dooley
featured in The Secret and author of
Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams