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MK's Mastery Life Coaching offers:

  • A powerful process for getting in touch with goals and dreams
  • A guaranteed positive attitude formula that is simple to live and teach
  • A decision-making formula to help make the right decisions every time
  • A one-minute process for using imagination to achieve goals more quickly
  • A forgiveness formula for releasing past hurts and mistakes
  • A communication skill that breaks through negative patterns such as defensiveness
  • A process for dealing with strong emotions such as depression and rage
  • A one-minute gratitude exercise that helps every day start out on a positive note

You will receive:

  • A Weekly Call with MK and your Power Peer
  • The 8 to Great eBook
  • Access to the Master Class 8 to Great Facebook Page with Daily Interaction
  • A Library of Articles and Videos on applying the 8 High-Ways process to:
    • Finding Your Purpose/ Following Your Dream
    • Relationships
    • Work
    • Finances
    • Leadership
    • Parenting
    • Weight and Fitness
    • Recovery
    • Education
    • Spirituality
  • 7-Day a Week Ability to Get Questions Answered (through text)
  • Discounts on Future Trainings and Products

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