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50+ activities - The 8 to Great Elementary Curriculum: Grades 3-5

8 Fly-Ways for the Superhero in You

Winner of the top After School programs for 2014 by After School magazine!

Imagine working with your Elementary Students to create:

  • A Gratitude Shield to ward off negative thoughts
  • A Hope Helmet that sends out dreams to create the life we want
  • A Power Pyramid of straws and marshmallows to remind us not to give our power away

The 8 to Great Elementary Curriculum takes the 8 High-Ways of the adult version and simpli-flies them into The 8 Fly-Ways for grades 3-5.

Teachers will love sharing The "Power Greeting" with students, helping them understand that every SuperHero has a weakness, leading an activity to help them see how often they give their power away by BCing (Blaming and Complaining), and inspiring them to find their Strongest Superhero powers within rather than giving into their Victim-Villain.

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