8 to Great storeBring MK Mueller in to speak

Join the 2500+ Certified Coaches around the world as you experience two full days of inspiration and coaching with 8 to Great author MK Mueller.

From this interactive experience you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other Coaches from around the world
  • Receive 60 engaging activities
  • Return for free refresher trainings
  • Certify as a PowerCoach for adults or students
  • Earn up to two College Credits from Baker University
  • Access to the full training on video

For your investment you will receive :

  • The 8 to Great eBook
  • Two mid-day meals
  • 60 classroom activities
  • Additional book and video resource lists
  • The 8 to Great Student Handbook
  • A Grow-the-Gratitude wristband
  • Access to 80 8 to Great® support videos

Training Schedule

We will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 both days. Do not plan any outings the evening of the first day as you will have homework to prepare you for the following day.

All registrants need to call the office at (828) 242-9033 or email us at training(at)8togreat.com to find out if there’s still room in the training of your choice.


Your mid-day meals will be supplied as part of the training. You are responsible for your breakfast and evening meals both days.


You will receive an Introductory Handbook (60 scripted activities) that you’ll have unlimited reproduction rights to for your personal and professional use.

College Credit

Contact our office for information on how to earn up to 2 college credits through Baker University.


You are responsible for your lodging. Call our office at 828-242-9033 if you would like some recommendations.


Dress is casual the first day and business casual the second.


Once you register, you are agreeing to read the 8 to Great book or listen to the entire
8 to Great eight CD set before the start date.

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